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Auguste van Pels-Röttgen

Auguste van Pels-Röttgen: important dates and events

September 29, 1900Born in Buer near Osnabrück (Germany).
December 5, 1925Auguste marries Hermann van Pels. She becomes a Dutch citizen, because by law women automatically take on the nationality of their husbands.
November 8, 1926Their son Peter is born.
June 26, 1937The van Pels family leave for the Netherlands.
July 13, 1942The van Pels family go into hiding in the secret annexe
Hermann en Auguste van Pels’s room.

August 4, 1944The people in hiding are arrested.
August 8, 1944The people in hiding are sent to the Westerbork transit camp (the Netherlands).
September 3, 1944The people in hiding are deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp (Poland).
September 6, 1944Arrival at Auschwitz. Auguste survives the selection.
November 26, 1944Mrs van Pels is sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany with a group of eight women.
February 6, 1945Deportation to Raguhn (a subcamp of Buchenwald, Germany).
April 9, 1945Deportation to Theresienstadt (Czechoslovakia).
April 1945Auguste van Pels dies.
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