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The secret annexe

Anne Frank remained in hiding in the secret annexe for over two years. She was not alone there, but together with her parents, her sister and four other Jewish people: Hermann and Auguste van Pels, their son Peter and Fritz Pfeffer. Anne often felt upset. The only thing that could really help Anne then was her diary. She wrote down everything in it: her anger, her sorrow, her love for Peter, her ideals.

The people had to hide because their lives were in danger. The Netherlands was occupied by the German army. They wanted to arrest all Jews and send them to concentration camps. Only Jews who went into hiding could escape. But they had to have a good hiding place, and people who would help. The people in hiding in the secret annexe had helpers like these. They provided food, clothes, books and many other things which the people in hiding needed.

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Today: 29 March 2017
Then: 1 April 1933

Hitler’s government organises a boycott of Jewish shops, doctors and lawyers. The Nazis say that ‘real’ Germans must not buy from Jews.