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Otto Frank
Otto Frank fought for Germany in the First World War.

Otto Frank: important dates and events

12 May 1889 Born in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).
1908/1909Studies economics in Heidelberg (Germany).
August 1909-1911Leaves for New York for a work experience placement at Macy’s department store and in a bank.
August 1915Otto is called up for military service.
1917Otto is promoted to the rank of army lieutenant.
12 May 1925Otto marries Edith Holländer in Aachen (Germany).
16 February 1926Margot Frank is born.
12 June 1929Anne Frank is born.
Otto, Anne and Margot Frank, August 1931.

Summer 1933 Edith, Margot and Anne go to live with their grandmother in Aachen. Otto travels on to Amsterdam.
September 1933Otto sets up the Opekta company and becomes director.
1938The Pectacon company is also set up, and Otto becomes director.
December 1940Opekta and Pectacon move to Prinsengracht 263.
December 1941are forbidden to own their own businesses, so Otto appoints Mr Kleiman and Mr Kugler as directors, but remains in charge behind the scenes.
6 July 1942 The Frank family go into hiding.
Otto with Miep and Jan Gies and their son Paul, 1951.

4 August 1944Arrest of the people in hiding.
8 August 1944Deportation to the Westerbork transit camp (the Netherlands).
3 September 1944Deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp (Poland)
6 September 1944Arrival at Auschwitz. Otto survives the selection.
27 January 1945Liberation of Auschwitz. Otto is still alive. He travels via Russia, France and Belgium to the Netherlands.
3 June 1945 Otto hears that Anne and Margot have died. After this Miep gives him Anne’s diary.
Otto Frank in the late 1970’s.

25 June 1947Otto gets the diary published in the Netherlands.
1952Otto moves to Basel (Switzerland).
10 November 1953Otto marries Elfriede (Fritzi) Markovits.
3 May 1960Otto attends the opening of the Anne Frank House.
19 August 1980Otto dies in Basel (Switzerland).
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