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The Dutch Anne Frank Guide was created in 2003 as an initiative of the Anne Frank House and partly thanks to a subsidy of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Anne Frank House is also responsible for the concept and the project development. The European version of the Anne Frank Guide was launched in seven countries on 8 May 2005. It was created in close cooperation with partners in the various countries and partly thanks to a subsidy of the European Union granted as part of the Minerva programme.


The Anne Frank Guide is aimed at pupils of the top years of Primary / Elementary Schools and the first years of Secondary / High Schools. Pupils independently make a project or talk about Anne Frank or the Second World War. Trough the source material on the website they discover, on the one hand, who Anne Frank was and what happened to her and her family and, on the other hand, what happened during the Second World War, both internationally and in their own countries. Thus, pupils become aware of the effects of great historic event on the lives of ordinary people. Besides developing historic awareness, the Anne Frank Guide also stimulates the development of ICT skills.

A website in the making

The European Anne Frank Guide can be regarded as a website in the making. The source bank is regularly supplemented with new material. Especially the amount of land-specific information about the Second World War will in, the course of time, increase strongly. We are looking forward to you suggestions and remarks. All reactions are welcome. Please send them to:

Anne Frank Stichting
Postbus 730
1000 AS Amsterdam

Or use our contact form.

Project Team

Ita Amahorseija – Programme Manager ICT

Menno Metselaar – Compilation and final editing

Els Schellekens – Editor and didactical support

Henny Brandhorst – Image research en project assistance

Fiona van Rees Vellinga – Copywriter

Francis Nijenhuis – Project assistance

Margreet Arnold – Project assistance US-version

Anneke Boekhoudt – Image adaptation

Gerrit Netten – Compilation of Quicktimes


Jan-Erik Dubbelman – Project coordinator international expansion

Matthias Kail – General project executive & assistant for France, Austria and Germany

Maria Teresa Brancacio – Project executive Italy

Barry van Driel – Project executive USA

Jane Redman – Project executive United Kingdom

Levien Rouw – Project executive Czech Republic

Josephine de Man – Translation coordination

Jan van Kooten – Head Education & commissioner

Anne Frank Guide
This day in history
Today: 18 July 2018
Then: 18 July 1945

Otto Frank hears that Anne and Margot have died in Bergen-Belsen.