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The Rescue of the Danish Jews
Yad Vashem and the Righteous Gentiles
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Rescuer Chiune Sugihara sits at his desk in Kaunus, Lithuania. He was responsible for saving the lives of some 2,500 Polish Jews.

Though most people and most countries turned their backs to the desperate Jews of Europe during the Second World War, there were thousands who risked their jobs, livelihood and even their own lives to help people who were in mortal danger.

There were many reasons why people made these decisions: for financial gain, to help friends, but especially for moral, humanitarian and religious reasons. These rescuers demonstrated that even in the face of the greatest evil, people from all walks of life, all ages, all religions and all political persuasions can stand up to help strangers in need.
Photo credit: USHMM, courtesy of Hiroki Sugihara.
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Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel) goes into hiding in the secret annex.

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