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The Helpers After the War
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The Helpers After the War

Otto Frank and the helpers keep in touch after the war. This photo of the helpers from the 1970’s shows, from left to right, Miep Gies, Bep van Wijk-Voskuijl, Bep’s husband Cor van Wijk and Lucie Kugler. Jan Gies and Victor Kugler are standing behind them. Johannes Kleiman had died in 1959.

Victor Kugler emigrated to Canada after the war. He worked there as an electrician and an insurance broker. Victor Kugler died on December 14, 1981.

Bep Voskuijl married after the war. She had four children, and did the book-keeping for her husband’s business. Bep died on 6 May 1983.

Miep celebrated her 95th birthday on February 15, 2004. Jan Gies died on 26 January 1993. On 15 February 2005 Miep celebrated her 96th birthday.
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