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Otto and Fritzi Frank
Fritzi Frank
In Basel
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Otto en Fritzi

Otto Frank and his second wife Elfriede looking at a photo album of Anne Frank. This photo was taken in 1979 in Basel (Switzerland). Elfriede, known as "Fritzi," lost her husband and her son in the Holocaust. She and her daughter survived the concentration camps.

Otto Frank and Fritzi Markovits are married on November 10, 1953. For years Fritzi helps Otto answer the thousands of letters he receives from people who have read the diary. Some letter-writers become friends and come to visit.

Shortly before his death, Otto Frank says in an interview:

"I am now nearly ninety and my powers are slowly waning. But the duty Anne left me continues to give me new strength – to fight for reconciliation and human rights throughout the world."

Otto Frank dies on August 19, 1980. Fritzi continues to answer letters after his death.

Quotation from Welt am Sonntag, a German newspaper, February 4, 1979.

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