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The Death of Peter van Pels
Peter in Mauthausen
Freed Prisoners in Mauthausen
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The death of Peter van Pels
Prisoners from Dachau during a "death march."

By January 1945, the Russian army is advancing steadily. The Nazis are growing anxious, and decide to evacuate Auschwitz. All prisoners who can still walk have to leave. Peter van Pels is one of them. It is the middle of winter. These evacuations are called "death marches," because so many prisoners die of exhaustion or are shot by the guards. After a grueling journey, Peter van Pels arrives at Mauthausen concentration camp on January 25, 1945. He dies there on May 10,1945.
Photo credit: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.
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Today: 21 November 2018
Then: 20 November 1945

Leading Nazis are brought to trial in Nuremburg (Germany). Some are sentenced to death, others to long prison sentences.