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Westerbork Camp Memorial Centre
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To Westerbork
Westerbork transit camp

After the arrest, police officers take the people from the Secret Annex to a prison. There they are interrogated one by one. The Nazis want to find out if they know of any other places where Jews are hiding. The people from the Secret Annex are held in prison for several days.

On August 8, 1944 they are taken by train to Westerbork transit camp. There they are put in a punishment block, because they did not give themselves up voluntarily. The prisoners in Westerbork have to do all kinds of dirty and unhealthy work, such as dismantling batteries. They are guarded closely: escape is almost impossible. Every week a train crammed with prisoners leaves Westerbork for the East. No one knows exactly what happens to them there but it cannot be good.
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Today: 15 November 2018
Then: 16 November 1942

Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel) goes into hiding in the secret annex.

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