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Fritz Pfeffer

This is Fritz Pfeffer in 1939. Anne Frank shares a small room with him in the Secret Annex for over eighteen months. They don’t get along very well, and often argue. Who was Fritz Pfeffer and how did he come to be in the Secret Annex?

Fritz Pfeffer is born on April 30, 1889 in Giessen in Germany. His family is Jewish. After high school he goes on to study dentistry. He sets up a dental practice in Berlin, and marries Vera Bythiner there. On April 3, 1927, they have a son: Werner. But the marriage fails. They divorce, and Werner stays with his father.

From Berlin to Amsterdam

Later, Fritz Pfeffer has a new girlfriend, Charlotte Kaletta, who is a Catholic. They are not allowed to get married. The Nazis have banned marriages between Jews and non-Jews. After Kristallnacht, Fritz Pfeffer and Charlotte Kaletta want to escape from Germany as quickly as possible. Fritz manages to book a place for Werner on a ship to England. Fritz himself escapes to Amsterdam together with Charlotte. There they get to know the Frank family, the van Pels family and Miep Gies.

A hiding place

Then war breaks out. The Netherlands are occupied. Fritz Pfeffer has to hide from the Nazis after they start arresting Jews in this country as well. He asks Miep Gies if she knows of a hiding place for him, and so he arrives in the Secret Annex. His girlfriend Charlotte Kaletta does not have to go into hiding. She doesn’t know where Fritz is hiding, but she does get letters from him via Miep Gies. She carries letters between Fritz Pfeffer and Charlotte Kaletta.
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Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel) goes into hiding in the secret annex.

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