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The Hiding Place

This aerial photo gives a good view of the hiding place: the Secret Annex. In early 1942, Otto and Edith Frank already realize they may have to hide from the Nazis. They prepare the annex as a secret hiding place. There are many small businesses in the area, so nobody would find it unusual if smoke would be seen coming from the chimney during the weekends. They agree that the van Pels family can also use the hiding place if they need to.

On July 5, 1942, the moment that Otto and Edith Frank have been dreading arrives: Margot receives her call-up papers. Otto and Edith decide to go into hiding the very next day. A week later, the van Pels family joins them: father Hermann, mother Auguste and their son Peter. Fritz Pfeffer joins them in hiding in November - a total of 8 people are now in hiding.

Hidden away

Business carries on as usual in the front part of the building. Otto Frank’s employees, who are helping the people in hiding, have to continue their work as normally as possible. No one must notice that there are people hiding in the Secret Annex. During the evenings and at weekends, if no one else is around, the people in hiding can come into the front part of the building.
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Today: 19 November 2018
Then: 20 November 1945

Leading Nazis are brought to trial in Nuremburg (Germany). Some are sentenced to death, others to long prison sentences.