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The Call-Up
Anne on the Call-Up
The Goodbye Message
To the Hiding Place
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The call-up

Margot receives her call-up papers on July 5, 1942. She has to report for a "work camp" in Germany. Her parents don’t want her to go, because they are deeply suspicious of these camps. They have arranged a hiding place. They will hide there from the Nazis.

The rest of that afternoon and evening they are busy packing. They want to bring as many clothes and other things as possible to the Secret Annex. They also send a card to their relatives in Switzerland. The message will let their relatives know that they are safe.

A big surprise

The very next day the Frank family leaves for the hiding place. It’s a big surprise for Anne: the hiding place is at her father’s business!
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This day in history
Today: 15 November 2018
Then: 16 November 1942

Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel) goes into hiding in the secret annex.

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