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Otto Frank Talks about a Round-Up
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A new country

Otto and Edith Frank decide to leave Germany in 1933. Otto has the chance to start his own business in Amsterdam. Otto goes to the Netherlands during the summer, while Edith travels back and forth and searches for a house in Amsterdam. Margot and Anne stay with their grandmother Holländer in Aachen. In February 1934 the entire family is reunited in Amsterdam.

Anne goes to a Montessori school because her parents think that their teaching methods suit Anne. During the first years, Anne is often ill, but she likes school. Margot goes to a different primary school. She is a quick learner. Margot and Anne soon make new friends. Some of them are from Germany like themselves.


Otto Frank’s business keeps him very busy. He sells Opekta, an ingredient used in home-made jam. He soon needs to take on extra employees: Miep Gies and Victor Kugler. Later Hermann van Pels and Johannes Kleiman also come to work for the company. Edith takes care of the housework. She feels homesick for Germany, but they cannot go back.

Terrible news

Anne’s parents meet Fritz Pfeffer and his fiancée Charlotte Kaletta through Miep Gies. They escaped from Germany after Kristallnacht, the "Night of Broken Glass." They bring terrible news: synagogues have been destroyed throughout Germany and thousands of Jewish men have been confined in concentration camps.
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Today: 15 November 2018
Then: 16 November 1942

Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel) goes into hiding in the secret annex.

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