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Anne’s Schooldays

This is a photo of Anne Frank in her final year at the 6th Montessori school in Amsterdam. She is eleven years old. Margot goes to another school. Anne and Margot feel at home in the Netherlands, and already speak Dutch very well, but it is wartime…

Anne is 10 years old when the German army invades the Netherlands in 1940. At first, Anne doesn’t notice the war much at school, but outside things quickly change. The Nazis discriminate against Jews. More and more places are ‘Forbidden for Jews’, such as movie theaters, parks, playing fields and beaches.

Terribly worried

Otto and Edith are terribly worried, but they try as much as possible not to let their daughters notice this. Jews are no longer allowed to own their own businesses. Otto Frank thinks up a clever way to make his friends Victor Kugler and Jan Gies the official owners of his company. But secretly he carries on running the business.

Jewish High School

The biggest change comes in 1941, when Anne has to go to the Jewish High School after the summer holidays. The Nazis do not want Jews and non-Jews to be together in the same schools. Jewish children have to go to separate schools. Anne is then 12 years old. She says a tearful farewell to Mrs. Kuperus, the head teacher of the Montessori school. A total of 130 Jewish children have to leave the Montessori school at the same time as Anne. After the holidays Anne goes to the Jewish High School. Soon after getting her first school report she has to go into hiding.

Anne Frank Guide
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Today: 15 November 2018
Then: 16 November 1942

Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel) goes into hiding in the secret annex.

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