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Germany is defeated in May 1945. The Nazis have lost the war. Hitler has killed himself. Otto Frank is the only one of the eight people in hiding to have survived the camps. Hermann van Pels and Edith Frank are killed in Auschwitz. Fritz Pfeffer dies in the Neuengamme concentration camp, Peter van Pels in the Mauthausen camp. It is not known where Auguste van Pels died.

Of the 140,000 Jews in the Netherlands, 107,000 were deported to the concentration camps. Of these, only 5,000 have survived. After the war, it becomes clear that of the 11 million Jews in Europe, 6 million have been murdered. This crime is known as the Holocaust, or the Shoah. Millions of innocent others have also been killed.

A real book

In June 1945, Otto Frank arrives back in the Netherlands. The four helpers have also survived the war. When Otto hears that Anne and Margot have died in Bergen-Belsen, Miep gives him Anne’s diary papers. In them, Otto Frank reads that Anne wanted to turn her diary into a real book, and decides to fulfill this wish after her death. He finds a publisher, and two years later The Diary of Anne Frank is published.

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Leading Nazis are brought to trial in Nuremburg (Germany). Some are sentenced to death, others to long prison sentences.