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Fritz Pfeffer
Fritz Pfeffer with his brothers Ernst (left) and Emil (right). He also had an older brother (Hans) and a sister (Minna).

Fritz Pfeffer: important dates and events

April 30, 1889Born in Giessen (Germany).
1921Fritz marries Vera Bythiner.
April 3, 1927Fritz and Vera’s son Werner is born.
1933Fritz and Vera divorce. Werner goes to live with his father.
1934Fritz meets Charlotte Kaletta. She is a Catholic.
1935Fritz and Charlotte are forbidden to marry by the Nuremberg Race Laws.
December 1938First Fritz sends his son Werner to England on a ‘children’s transport’. After Kristallnacht he escapes to the Netherlands with Charlotte.
1939Charlotte goes to Brussels (Belgium) to find out if they will be able to get married there.
November 16, 1942Fritz goes into hiding in the secret annex.
Fritz Pfeffer and Charlotte Kaletta in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, 1939.

August 4, 1944Fritz Pfeffer and the other people in hiding are arrested.
August 8, 1944The people from the secret annexe are taken to Westerbork camp.
September 3, 1944Deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp (Poland).
September 6, 1944Arrival at Auschwitz. Fritz survives the selection.
October 1944Deportation to Neuengamme concentration camp (Germany).
December 20, 1944Fritz Pfeffer dies in Neuengamme.
End of1945Charlotte Kaletta discovers that Fritz is dead.
1946Werner leaves for the Unites States and changes his name to Peter Pepper.
April 9: 1953Posthumous marriage of Charlotte and Fritz.
February 15, 1995Peter Pepper dies.
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