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How can I search for information on this website?
How can I look up a word?
Where can I find important dates?
Where can I find information on the people in hiding and their helpers?
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How can I look up a word?

First go to ‘Search’ at the top of your screen. Type in the word you’re looking for. You’ll see a list with all the information and images that match your search term. Not found anything? Make sure you’ve spelled the word right. You have? Then your search term isn’t in the search list.


You can also look up words in the Glossary. Here you’ll find definitions of some words you might not be familiar with.
  • Click on 'Glossary'.
  • Click on the first letter of the word you’re looking for.
  • Is it in the list? Click on it to see its meaning.
  • Just underneath you will see ‘Search’. Click here to see the places on the website where this word is used.
Anne Frank Guide
This day in history
Today: 19 November 2018
Then: 20 November 1945

Leading Nazis are brought to trial in Nuremburg (Germany). Some are sentenced to death, others to long prison sentences.