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Why is Anne Frank so famous?
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Why is Anne Frank so famous?

This bronze sculpture of Anne Frank stands on the Westermarkt in Amsterdam near the Anne Frank House. It was created by Mari S. Andriessen, and unveiled in 1977. The sculpture reminds passers-by of Anne Frank and the Second World War. There are various reasons why Anne Frank is so well-known. Firstly, because the diary is so well-written. People all over the world can identify with Anne.

She describes precisely what she thought and felt in the secret annexe, and what it’s like growing up. She argues with her parents, falls in love, thinks about her future… yet at the same time most readers know that she did not survive the war, and that makes the diary very dramatic. Her story of her life as well as her tragic death also show how terrible the holocaust was.

Play and film

It’s true that many other diaries have been published. But one thing that is special about the diary of Anne Frank is that the place where it is was written has been preserved, and also that there are many photos of her. As well as this, Otto Frank worked tirelessly after the war to publicise the diary. Above all, the diary of Anne Frank has become famous because of the stage play and the film which were made of it.

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