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Edith Frank-Holländer
Edith Holländer on the beach
Otto and Edith’s wedding
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Edith Frank-Holländer

Edith Holländer is born on 16 January 1900 in Aachen (Germany). Ancestors of hers lived in Amsterdam at the beginning of the 18th century. They emigrated to Germany around 1800.

Edith’s father has a company dealing in machinery, scrap metal and old rags. Edith has two older brothers, Walter and Julius, and a sister, Betty (Bettina) who is two years older. Betty dies in 1914 of appendicitis. Edith goes to a girls’ high school and does her final exams in 1916. Little is known about her youth. Her brother fights in the German army in the First World War. He is shot in the arm, and suffers the effects of this wound for the rest of his life.

Anti-Jewish hatred

On 12 May 1925 Edith Holländer marries Otto Frank. She is 25 years old. The wedding takes place in the synagogue in Aachen. In 1926 their daughter Margot is born, and Anne follows in 1929. In 1933 Otto and Edith decide to leave Germany. Growing hatred of Jewish people means they no longer feel at home there.

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