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Race laws

This couple were dragged from a hotel and marched through the streets of Hamburg by SA members in the summer of 1935. The sign around the man’s neck reads "I am a Jew-boy who only takes German girls up to my room," and the woman’s sign reads "I am the biggest swine in town and only go with Jews."

The Nazi party organised a huge rally of all its members every year in Nuremberg. At the 1935 rally they introduced race laws. The laws defined who was "Jewish," and these people were granted fewer rights. Jews were no longer equal citizens. Jews and non-Jews were no longer allowed to marry, and love affairs between them became illegal. Anyone who wanted to be excluded from these laws had to fill in a "Declaration of Aryan Origin." People could use this document to show that they were not Jewish.
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Otto Frank hears that Anne and Margot have died in Bergen-Belsen.