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Anne on Johannes Kleiman
Johannes Kleiman (left) and Victor Kugler in front of Prinsengracht 263. This photo was taken after the war.

In her diary Anne writes that the people in hiding are very fond of Johannes Kleiman. They worry about his health. Anne writes in her diary:

‘Still, there’s bad news as well. It’s about Mr Kleiman. As you know, we all like him very much. He’s unfailingly cheerful and amazingly brave, despite the fact that he’s always ill and in pain and can’t eat much or do a lot of walking. “When Mr Kleiman enters a room, the sun begins to shine,” Mother said recently, and she’s absolutely right. Now it seems he has to go into hospital for a very difficult operation on his stomach, and will have to stay there for at least four weeks. You should have seen him when he said goodbye to us. He acted so normally, as if he were just off to run an errand’.

The Diary of Anne Frank, 10 September 1943

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