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Jetteke Frijda on Margot
Margot Frank’s class at the Girls’ High School, 1941. Jetteke Frijda is standing directly in front of Margot.

Jetteke Frijda was a good friend of Margot’s:

‘I knew, of course, that Margot had come over from Germany, but she never spoke about it. She spoke fluent Dutch. Only if you listened very carefully could you hear a slight accent. Margot was sweet and kind. She was good at everything but also very modest. You could trust her; you could rely on her. Margot never talked much about herself; she was closed. What did we do? Together? I can’t really remember any more, it was more than sixty years ago.’

From an interview with Jetteke Frijda (Anne Frank House, 2003).

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