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Margot's 15th birthday

Otto Frank writes Margot a poem for her 15th birthday:

‘Now you’re fifteen you’re in youth's full bloom.
Clothes, jewellery, posters fill your room.
I often see Margot acting so shyly,
She doesn’t like blowing her own trumpet so highly.
So to help make it all a little less hard,
Today she’ll receive her own visiting card,
Then she won’t be put to shame
If someone wants to know her name.
She’ll just hand her card over. With no fuss and bother!
But that’s enough now, for we all want to see
What the gifts hidden under the table will be.
So now, darling Mutz, you go on your way,
The four of us wish you a wonderful day!’

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This day in history
Today: 10 December 2018
Then: 10 December 1948

The 51 member states of the United Nations sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.