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Bep Voskuijl
The Voskuijl family. In this photo Bep (second from right) is twelve years old.

Bep Voskuijl: important dates and events

5 July 1919 Born in Amsterdam.
1922-1937After elementary school Bep first becomes a maid, and later works in a restaurant and as a seamstress.
1937Bep goes to work as a shorthand typist at Opekta, Otto Frank’s company.
1938Bep introduces her father to Otto Frank. Her father becomes a supervisor in the Opekta warehouse.
June 1942Bep is told about the plans to go into hiding.
1942-1945Bep keeps the people in hiding supplied with milk, clothes, language courses and other things.
25 May 1944 Bep gets engaged to Bertus Hulsman, but shortly afterwards breaks off the engagement.
Bep in her office, 1941.

November 1945 Bep’s father dies.
15 May 1946Bep marries Cor van Wijk. They have four children: Ton, Cor, Joop and Anne-Marie.
1947Bep leaves Opekta.
1954Bep is a witness at the Landesgericht (‘National Court’) in Lübeck, Germany. She testifies to the authenticity of The Diary of Anne Frank in a case against a number of people who claim that the diary is a forgery.
6 May 1983Bep dies in Amsterdam.
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