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Holocaust Survivors in Canada
Famous Jewish Canadians
Hana and George Brady
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Famous Jewish Canadians
Sydney S. Shulemson with Fleet "Finch" II aircraft 4418, No. 3 Flight School Training RCAF 1942 / London, Ontario in 1942.

Airman lieutenant

Sydney Shulemson was born in Montreal in October 1915. Like 17,000 other Jewish Canadians, he joined the army to defeat Nazism. He enlisted in 1941 in the Royal Canadian Air Force and was promoted in 1942. He showed extreme bravery saving the life of a colleague and played an important role in attacking enemy forces in Europe. He is the most highly decorated Jewish Canadian soldier of the Second World War.

A grocery store every Quebecer remembers

Sam Steinberg, born December 25th 1905, left Hungary in 1911 to emigrate to Canada with his mother, Ida Roth Steinberg, and his five brothers and sisters. They settled in Montreal and in 1917 Ida Steinberg opened a grocery store to support herself and the six children she was raising alone. With the children’s help, it became a thriving business and in 1942 she left them a successful and growing company. Her son Sam took over and made Steinberg one of the biggest names in Quebec with more than 200 stores. The Steinbergs revolutionised the grocery trade with the invention of self-service: customers could help themselves and pay at a till on the way out. The supermarket was born. By the late 1950s, these stores were market leaders in Quebec, spreading to Ontario in 1959. Sam Steinberg died in 1978, but because of problems over who should succeed him the Steinberg chain was wound up in 1992.
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